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Top 10 Reasons Why To Choose Us

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Our professional tree services in Philadelphia are second to none. We truly believe our company is best suited for anyone’s tree service needs. Here we give a short list of 10 reasons of why to choose us.

1. No payment until job is completed and customer is completely satisfied:
We believe we should be compensated once the promised service has been fully completed and the customer is completely satisfied with the professional tree services we offer. Therefore, we do not take payment upfront unless we are told otherwise.

2. Tree pruning requires separate attention than lawns and landscape. We proudly provide that service:
Trees are huge assets to both residential and commercial properties. An inexperienced tree worker or someone that has no idea of the art of pruning will cause more damage to the tree rather than any benefit. Taking too much live tissue off the tree or taking big branches off when they should be avoided may stress the tree. Most of these damages are permanent. Our crews know how much should be taken off on certain trees without causing the tree to stress and to meet the client’s expectation. 

3. Over 15 years of experience:
Bob Sweeney launched Pinecrest Tree Services in 1999. We have been exposed repeatedly to the same tree services over and over so we have a very thoroughly understanding of the art of pruning, removing and stump grinding. We are experts at our craft.

4. Services are provided for the all of Philadelphia, PA:
Our professional tree services are offered to the Philadelphia area for residential and commercial properties. 

5. Insured for your protection and ours:
Working in trees are duties that should be left to professional with experience of climbing and working in trees. Tree service is one of the riskiest fields out there. We make certain to carry general liability insurance. Safety is very important in our company. We invest time in safety training with our men and in the right insurance. Until today (knock on wood) we have yet to use our insurance for a damage we have occurred or injured worker.
Top 10 Reasons Why To Choose Us

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6. Haul debris away and clean up:
Performing tree pruning or removals produce a lot of unwanted debris. We own the proper equipment to make sure your property is left cleaner than before we get to your property. 

7. Our prices are reasonable:
We plan on being in business for as long as possible. A way to achieve this goal is having a great service at a great price. Therefore, we give our customers great prices to build our client base, and not cheat a customer because we know they will never return.

8. References available upon request:
All of our customers love our work. We have several references of our current customers that are more than happy to recommend us to anyone and allow us to use them as references.

9. Professional service:
It seems that anymore, if a guy owns a chainsaw he is now a tree service company. If a guy owns a lawn mower he is a lawn care company. With Pinecrest you can rest assured that you are dealing with true professional. You will get friendly service, people who are masters of their craft, and we will leave your property in much better condition than we found it.

10. We treat your home like it is our own:
Our tree services have become an art we are proud of. Our employees are proud of the services we offer and in return your home is treated like our own.

For a FREE estimate, give us a call at 215-297-6191 or fill out the online contact form and you will be contacted within 24 hours.


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