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About Pinecrest Tree Services

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Pinecrest Tree Services is a family-owned and operated tree service business committed to quality tree services that work to satisfy our clients’ with affordable rates in the Philadelphia area. Our employees bring over 30 years of combined tree experience to the job and we only employee experienced tree workers. Our services include emergency tree service, tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump removal and stump grinding services in all of Philadelphia.

Our experienced crews of men can handle any size tree service job. Pinecrest Tree Services caters to residential and commercial properties. We guarantee all tree work to be completed in writing. If we do not complete what is written in our proposal, we do not expect the client to pay for what has not been completed. Be aware of smaller so called tree service companies that ask for partial or full payment before completion of the tree work. It is not uncommon to run into tree service contractors that will be take payment before the tree work is completed and never return back. With payment already paid, it will not motivate the tree service contractor to come back. Pinecrest Tree Services does not ask for partial payment unless tree work is over $2,000. Contact us for more details. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our services.

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Pinecrest is fully insured for the safety of the clients and ours. When choosing a tree service company, this shall not be over looked. Tree service companies without insurance will be significantly cheaper however those companies do not show the commitment to their customers and employees that we do. Rest assured, we carry a General Liability insurance policy.

Call us today at 215-297-6191 for a free estimate or fill out the online contact form and you will be contacted within 24 hours. We look forward to servicing your tree needs.


✓ Established company that concentrates on customer satisfaction
✓ The highest level of service at a competitive price
✓ Professional staff
✓ Experienced crews
✓ Bonded, Safety Policy, Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.
✓ 24 hour emergency service
✓ Your complete tree service company


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