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Pinecrest Tree Services is your complete tree care professionals, with a track recorded of excellent service to the Philadelphia residents and business owners. We have been servicing Philadelphia area since 1999 and have become a trusted name in the tree industry. 

We care about a greener earth and are willing to do all within our power and knowledge base to save as many trees as possible. Our techniques are modern, safe, we have new equipment, and our staff is insured and bonded on the job. All of our crews have supervision and are trained to completely do the job right the first time. 

Safety is at the top of our standards and all crews follow a strict guideline of protocol when it comes to operating our equipment and climbing into your trees. When choosing a tree care company choose Pinecrest Tree Services. You can call today or get a free online estimate
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Tree Removal

Tree removal simply put is dangerous work! It is definitely NOT a job that a non professional should do themselves. Take into consideration just the equipment in use; a chain saw can do some serious hurt on a person. Not to mention you will have to tie off branches that you cut so they don't damage your property. On top of all this please keep in mind that you will be high on the tree as you make the cuts with the saw. ONE SLIP SPELLS DISASTER!   

Why take chances? Leave this dangerous work to a staff of professionals that do this type of work on a daily basis. You will rest assured that your property and your family will be in good hands when we come out to your homestead or business to remove an unwanted tree. 

You will find our crew to be well trained and knowledgeable of tree care and tree removal. 

Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

Our tree trimming and pruning standards are the best in the tree service industry, you can rest assured that all of our pruners pay an extremely high attention to detail. We believe that well trained technicians are the back bone of a great tree service. We take the time to invest into the overall trimming practices. In our first initial evaluation of your trees we aim to:

✓ Check for any tree disease on branches or other areas of the tree.
✓ Are the leaves healthy? Great way to tell if the tree is have problems.
✓ Single out any branches that should be trimmed
✓ Making sure the tree is in the right season for pruning.

The most voluble asset in your landscape are the trees, and proper tree trimming is the most important part of that trees health. The fact is, your tree is subject to tree disease from the protrusions from the cuts made. Also your tree will not heal, it will seal around the area that was cut. It is vitally important that your tree service provider has the proper knowledge on all pruning standards.
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Emergency Tree Service Philadelphia

Emergency Tree Service

Our Philadelphia emergency tree service experts are on call 24-hours a day for any type of residential or commercial emergency tree service. At Pinecrest Tree Services our emergency response team is qualified to handle storm damage caused by tornadoes, wind, lightning, or flooding. Our crews have the equipment, experience and training required to safely remove damaged trees from homes, businesses and outside structures. Pinecrest is a fully insured emergency tree service company that adheres to strict tree care standards.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

Finally, there is an efficient way to remove tree stumps and help save your money. Most tree roots are surface roots but at times we will encounter root systems that will go down deep into the soil at least two feet or more at times.

Its in these isolated circumstances that its best to use a stump grinder to remove the root system from the ground rather than for us to fight a losing battle, costing you more money.

When we remove a tree it is essential that we also remove all the roots from the ground if not, with time, these roots can cause problems with re- growth. Stump grinding is a safe and great way to stop roots and grind away all root systems. 
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Top 10 Reasons Why To Choose Us
Why Choose Us?

Our professional tree services in the Philadelphia, PA area are second to none. We truly believe our company is best suited for anyone’s tree service needs. Here we give a short list of 10 reasons of why to choose us.

Get the complete list of Top 10 Reasons on why you should use Pinecrest.

Philadelphia Tree Services

Trees and Tree Conservation in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to a variety of beautiful trees, and with those trees can come a lot of maintenance. Tree services in and around the Philadelphia area should be trained in recognizing a variety of trees in order to do their job properly. A few trees that are commonly found in this area are the Pin Oak, Scarlet Oak, Slippery Elm, and Tulip Tree to name a few. There are plenty more native trees to the beautiful and diverse area of Philadelphia, and learning to recognize these trees isn't the only thing that is important, however. Having the knowledge to adequately protect and preserve these natives is also important. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as always consulting with a professional in the tree services industry before pruning or cutting a tree. Someone who is knowledgeable in tree services and trees in general will also be able to instruct you on planting a tree, making sure you are conforming to native trees found in Philadelphia is important in the conservation of many monstrous oaks that the residents of Philadelphia are so lucky to be blessed by. A great tree service provides quality professionals to assist in all areas of trees, from advising, to pruning, to cutting. 
Choosing the Right Company 

With so many different varieties of trees found in Philadelphia, it is important to find a professional company that can help you navigate your tree service Philadelphia. A good tree company has extensive background knowledge in different types of trees, so they can assist their clients in achieving the safest, best landscaping possible. Choosing a company who has a good reputation within the community, has licensed professionals, and also provides a variety of services is key to getting the best result out of your tree service Philadelphia experience. When it comes to services, make sure you select a company who not only prunes and cuts down trees as needed, but also provides clean up services and stump grinding services as well to ensure that your experience with tree service Philadelphia is pleasant and easy. You will soon come to find out that a company who neglects to remove the stump, or at least offer to do so, often doesn't understand that the importance of tree stump removal is critical to the appearance of your landscaping as well as the health of your other trees. Always choose a company who is knowledgeable in each step of the tree removal (or pruning) process to make sure you get the best services possible for your landscaping. 


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